From the Director...Intro to Rural Connections

    From the Director...Intro to Rural Connections

    In his introduction to the Fall 2017 issue of Rural Connections, WRDC Director Don Albrecht, writes: "Rural America is coping with significant problems including a shortage of high-quality jobs, severe health concerns, and a lack of affordable housing. The Western Rural Development Center (WRDC) seeks to address these issues by serving as a regional catalyst for building capacity in the West. Rural Connections is a vital tool in helping us accomplish this goal by sharing exceptional outreach and research programs developed by talented professionals from throughout the region. In this issue of Rural Connections, we are pleased to present six quality articles that present programs and ideas that will benefit the residents and communities of rural America." Read more.

    This article was published in the Western Rural Development Center’s Rural Connections Fall 2017.

    Published on: Oct 23, 2017

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