Building Relationships, Construyendo Relaciónes

    Building Relationships, Construyendo Relaciónes

    Latino Energy Outreach and Research in the Pacific Northwest

    By Noelle M. Hart, Catherine H. Gowan, and Patricia A. Townsend; Washington State University Extension

    As part of Advanced Hardwood Biofuels Northwest (AHB), a collaborative poplar-based research project, our WSU Extension team realized that Latinos are important stakeholders for the bioeconomy. Poplar agricultural workers are primarily Latino, and Latino communities are eager to learn about energy and the environment to help their families and future generations. In 2016, AHB started programs, events, and research specifically targeted toward Latino communities, youth, families, and agriculture workers.” Read more.

    This article was published in the Western Rural Development Center’s Rural Connections Fall 2018. 

    Published on: Oct 10, 2018

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