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    Our Energy Future Conference 2012

    The "Our Energy Future" Conference was held September 25, 2012, at the Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites (230 West 500 South) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Attendees and presenters included those individuals with expertise in the socioeconomic issues associated with energy development in rural areas, and who had insights into the issues associated with a transition to renewable energy. This conference was an activity of WERA 1005.


    To better understand the socioeconomic concerns associated with renewable energy development for rural areas of the United States, we invited top experts from around the country to gather to discuss:

    • Current knowledge on the socioeconomic implications of a greater dependence on renewable energy. This includes research on the number of new jobs that will be created in renewable energy, the training required for these jobs, and likely pay levels.
    • Likely implications of potential policy options to encourage renewable energy use such as a carbon tax.
    • Long-term impacts of technological developments such as fracking.
    • Gaps in current understanding and research needed to close these gaps.
    • Policy recommendations