Community Development Extension Specialists 2011


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    Community Development Extension Specialists 2011

    Read the summary, "The State of Extension's Community Development Efforts in the Western U.S.," from the 2011 Convening of Community Development Extension Professionals.

    What was the Convening of Western CDES? 
    The annual convening of Western Community Development Extension Specialists (CDES) is a time to think regionally about the needs of the West’s rural communities and how all of our efforts can be shared across state boundaries to create thriving communities in the region.

    Who Attended
    Community Development Extension Specialists and Extension Specialists whose work includes community development activities.

    Goals of the CDES Convening:

    • Assess Extension’s Community Development (CD) capacity in the western region to address the high priority issues identified at the Rural Development Roundtables.
    • Examine personnel and FTE’s devoted to Extension Community Development in each state and the extent to which professionals in the field have received CD training.
    • Compare programs and learn from one another. Each state was given approximately 20 minutes to describe its Community Development programs. A question and answer period was provided so that ideas could be shared. In addition, overviews of regional and national programs that were available were provided.
    • Discuss approaches to develop and implement multi-county, multi-state, and region-wide programs to address critical issues.
    • Examine significant gaps in programs where there were priority needs that were not being addressed.