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    WRDC Fellows

    Introduction and Eligibility

    • In 2017, the WRDC Board of Directors officially ended the WRDC Community Development Fellows Program.
    • The WRDC Fellows program was intended to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the Rural West and who have exhibited excellence in Community Development work.
    • WRDC Fellows worked with and were a resource to the Western Rural Development Center.
    • To be considered as a WRDC Fellow, an individual had to be engaged in and currently been making significant contributions to Rural and/or Community Development and must have been employed in these activities for at least four years.


    • The WRDC Board of Directors issued an annual call for nominations.
    • Nominations were submitted to the WRDC Board of Directors by a member of the WRDC Board of Directors, an Agricultural Experiment Station or Cooperative Extension State Director, a Tribal College Extension Director, or by the USDA Rural Development State Director from any of the 13 states of Pacific Territories comprising the western region. 
    • The nomination packet had to include evidence of Community Development excellence and commitment.
    • Fellows are approved by the WRDC Board of Directors.
    • No more than two Fellows were to be approved from any state or territory during any calendar year, and there will be no more than four Fellows from any state or territory at any given time.
    • Fellows served three-year terms. At the conclusion of this three-year term, individuals were eligible to be nominated for additional terms.

    Responsibilities of WRDC Fellows

    • WRDC Fellows supported and assisted in the promotion of Western Rural Development Center projects and activities.
    • Fellows provided leadership in identifying issues and concerns of the Rural West and considered means of addressing these issues and concerns. 
    • Fellows were primarily connected by electronic means including email, Web, and teleconferencing. 
    • Fellows were eligible to serve as Visiting Fellows at the Western Rural Development Center.

    Benefits of Serving as a WRDC Fellow

    • Recognition for excellence. This recognition assisted in tenure and promotion helped to make the individual more marketable.
    • An opportunity to interact with and learn from other Fellows.
    • Increased opportunities to understand and address the major problems and concerns of the Rural West.
    • An opportunity for your employer to showcase individuals and programs that were making an impact by contributing to the WRDC Fellows Program.