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    ASAP Training 2013

    The 2013 Area Sector Analysis Process (ASAP) Training was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 23-24, 2013.

    A Western Rural Development Center coordinated project, the Area Sector Analysis Process was designed by Extension Specialists and Agents for Extension to use in collaboration with community leaders to engage communities in targeted,sustainable economic development.

    Map of U.S. with ASAP states in blue


    ASAP has been successfully in applied in a number of communities throughout the West (see map). Four years after this 2013 training, the ASAP Team is still applying the process to communities and actively working to better develop the data tools and curriculum for broader use by Extension. For details, contact WRDC Director, Don Albrecht.

     ASAP assists communities in targeted, sustainable economic development by identifying:

    • Community goals and priorities for economic development
    • Community assets that will help achieve the community's goals and priorities
    • Industry needs and factors important for locating their operations in a community
    • Businesses that are consistent with the community's goals and priorities

    Participants at this 2013 ASAP Training learned first-hand how to:

    • Start the ASAP in your community/region
    • Gain community participation - key to ASAP's success
    • Apply the ASAP curriculum to your facilitation efforts
    • Facilitate ASAP in your community/region

    ASAP Development Team

    Don Albrecht, Western Rural Development Center
    Marion Bentley, Utah State University Extension
    Buddy Borden, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
    Tom Harris, University of Nevada-Reno
    Paul Jackus, Utah State University
    Paul Lewin, University of Idaho Extension
    Malieka Landis, University of Nevada-Reno
    Phil Watson, University of Idaho