ESS Call for Presentations

We are no longer accepting proposals. The deadline was Tuesday April 9, 2013.
Thank you for your interest and check back for the agenda. 

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Exhibit Booths
Submission Guidelines
Submission Deadline
Evaluation Criteria

Call for Presentations

The Western Rural Development Center is pleased to announce proposals for presentations are now being accepted for the Extension Sustainability Summit being held in Park City, Utah, October 2-3, 2013. The Summit will bring together Cooperative Extension agents and specialists to present and discuss outreach and education activities in five thematic areas: Land, Air, Food, Water, and Energy.

The Summit will be organized around the five themes. Presenters will be allotted 25 minutes to present their materials, and will also participate in 10-20 minute “lightning talks” following their presentation. The “lightning talks” will be interactive sessions wherein groups will discuss the materials presented, how they may apply them in their respective work, and envision future directions in Cooperative Extension regarding sustainability programmatic outreach.

The planning committee is interested in receiving proposals concerning Cooperative Extension sustainability programming: Examples, case studies, and future plans. Proposals can be in any of the five thematic areas and examples include:

Land - stewardship, landfill education (i.e. reduce, reuse, recycle)
Air - quality, climate change
Food - local food movements, sustainable food systems
Water - quality, conservation, habitat
Energy - renewable, sustainable

Participants attending the Summit will receive pre-loaded jump drives containing programmatic curricula within the five thematic areas (Presenters and conference attendees will provide the curricula as part of the proposal submission and registration process). Thus, when you submit your proposal you will be asked to also submit any curricula associated with your program that you feel would be useful for participants. NOTE: If you need more time to assemble/update your program materials, you may also submit them when you register at a later date. Curricula must be received by Wednesday, September 4, 2013.

Exhibit Booths
A limited number of tabletop exhibit spaces will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. The exhibit spaces are to be used for displaying and showcasing program materials. If you are interested in requesting an exhibit space, please indicate this on the proposal submission form.

Proposal Submission Guidelines
Proposals must be submitted using the online submission form. 

The following items are required to complete and submit the form:
1. Presenter Contact Information
2. Title – presenters are encouraged to provide brief titles
3. The Summit thematic area best suited for the proposed session (choose one):

  • Land
  • Air
  • Water
  • Food
  • Energy

4. Do you want to reserve an Exhibit Booth to display/showcase program materials and information? NOTE: These will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Yes
  • No

5. A PDF document, not to exceed two-pages, including:

  • Seminar Description -(300 words or less) – Presenters are encouraged to be specific about what participants are expected to learn and how they will benefit from the session. Programmatic background, target audience, the number of participants in the program, and a clear description of program success, future directions, and/or lessons learned (as applicable) should be included.
  • Learning Objectives – Provide at least two (2) objectives for the presentation, with a focus on awareness, collaboration, and idea-sharing.
  • Desired Length/Format – Presenters will have 25 minutes to present.
  • Program Delivery Method – Describe the proposed method of your presentation (e.g. slides, lecture, video, discussion, experiential, and/or case studies). Please note any special presentation requirements, such as unique audio/visual needs.
  • Speaker Information – Provide a brief (100 words or less) biographical narrative describing yourself and your experience. Include the following information for each additional presenter:
    • First and Last Name
    • Institution
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Email

6. Curricula – for pre-loaded jump drives
Please attach any curricula associated with your program that you feel would be useful for participants to have, and we will add it to the jump drives. Attach this with your proposal as a Word document or PDF, with the file name indicating the theme, state, and program title. NOTE: If you need more time to assemble/update your program materials, you may also submit them when you register at a later date. Curricula must be received by Wednesday, September 4, 2013.

7. Presenter Agreement
Before you submit your proposal you will be asked to indicate your acceptance to the Presenter Agreement which states you agree to: pay the discounted presenter registration fee of $125 per presenter; and understand: you are solely responsible for your travel expenses associated with the Summit. Regrettably, the Summit will not be able pay any presenter’s summit-related travel.

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Submission Form
All proposals must be submitted via the online proposal submission form.

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Deadline for Submissions
Proposals must be received no later than 5:00 PM (MDT) on Tuesday April 9, 2013.
All submissions will receive notification of receipt. Selected presenters will be notified by April 30, 2013.

Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated by the Extension Sustainability Summit planning team based upon their quality, relevance to the conference theme, uniqueness, and speaker qualifications.

Questions concerning submission requirements or the Summit may also be directed to:
Roslynn Brain, Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist
Utah State University Extension

The Extension Sustainability Summit is brought to you by the Western Rural Development Center.

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