Posted by: Elizabeth Newman on Mar 1, 2017

Public Land Transfers in the West

Policy Brief on Western Federal Land Transfers

The Western Rural Development Center has published a Western Policy Brief by Utah State University Professor Paul M. Jakus titled, "What Does the Quality of Public Land Imply for Federal Transfers?" In the brief, Jakus provides an introduction to the issue of federal land transfers in the U.S. West along with analysis of land ownership patterns in the Mountain West, policy background on the topic, and policy implications. Jakus writes, "The distribution of Western land amongst its potential owners was not random: the most economically productive land passed from the public domain and into private ownership and, with the expansion of mineral and timber rights it managed to reserve for itself, the federal government was left with land of lesser economic potential." 

Click here to read the Western Policy Brief: What Does the Quality of Public Land Imply for Federal Transfers"

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