The Western Rural Development Center is one of four regional centers in the U.S. and works closely with the land-grant colleges and universities throughout the West to promote excellence in research, education, and Extension.

The WRDC also collaborates with other universities, agencies, and private sector
partners to advance its mission of creating economically thriving rural communities.

1862 Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
American Samoa Community College
Colorado State University
Montana State University
New Mexico State University
Northern Marianas College
University of Alaska
University of Arizona
University of California
University of Guam
University of Hawaii
University of Idaho
University of Nevada
University of Wyoming
Utah State University (the WRDC's host institution)
Washington State University

1994 Land-Grant Colleges
Blackfoot Community College, MT
Chief Dull Knife College, MT
Dine College, AZ
Fort Belknap College, MT
Fort Peck Community College, MT
Institute of American Indian Arts, NM
Little Big Horn College, MT
Navajo Technical College, NM
Northwest Indian College, WA
Salish Kootenai College, MT
Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, NM
Stone Child College, MT
Tohono O'Odham Community College, AZ

Regional Rural Development Centers
The WRDC is one of four regional centers in the U.S. its sister centers are:

North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
Scott Loveridge, Director
Michigan State University

Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development
Stephan J. Goetz, Director
The Pennsylvania State University

Southern Rural Development Center
Bo Beaulieu, Director
Mississippi State University