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    2016 Report

    From the Director: "I am aware that rural people lack the political clout to effectively address problems by themselves. Rural people comprise only about 15% of the U.S. population. Consequently, elected officials primarily represent urban populations and are most concerned about addressing urban interests and issues." Read more.


    2015 Report

    From the Director: "During the past year, I have had the great privilege of interacting with many County Commissioners, Mayors, and other leaders and residents of rural communities throughout the West. I have been impressed by the commitment of these persons to the economic health and vitality of their community and the skills they exhibit in addressing serious issues and concerns. I am also amazed by the range and severity of problems confronting small towns." Read more.


    2014 Report

    From the Director: "The communities of the Rural West are confronted with a variety of significant challenges. At the top of the list are economic concerns. Throughout U.S. history, rural areas, compared with their urban counterparts, have had lower incomes, higher poverty rates, and lower rates of employment." Read more.